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Perodua Myvi

Myvi is an excellent small car which was developed with Toyota and Daihatsu.

It's easy to drive, exceptionally cheap to buy and run and very well built. The Perodua name may be an unfamiliar one to you, as the company has only been in the UK since 1998, but the company has already started to make a name for itself as a producer of affordable and practical cars.

Myvi is the best yet and proves that cheap needn't mean second-best.

Perodua Myvi Specifications

The car was made available in five variations: 1.0SR (manual), 1.3SX (manual), 1.3EZ (auto), 1.3SXi (manual), and 1.3EZi (auto). Perodua also launched a limited edition of MyVi, branded as a "Sport Edition", which sports a full bodykit. The MyVi was also made available with dual airbag, ABS, and DVVT engine.

Colors available on the MyVi include Ebony Black, Olive Green, Glittering Silver, Ozzy Orange, Classic Gold, Mistique Red, Mocha Silver and Pearl White.

Perodua Myvi Techical specifications

  • Engine: EJ-VE (1.0 - Water-Cooled, 4-Cycle, In-line 3-cylinder), and K3-VE (1.3 - Water-Cooled, 4-Cycle, In-line 4-cylinder); DVVT
  • Total displacement: 989 cc, and 1298 cc.
  • Max. output (DIN): 43 kW (58 hp) / 6000 rpm, 64 kW (86 hp) / 6000 rpm
  • Max. torque (DIN): 88 Nm (65 ftlbf) / 3600 rpm, 116 Nm (86 ftlbf) / 3200 rpm
  • Fuel system: EFI
  • Fuel tank capacity: 40 Litres.

Perodua Myvi Technical Features

  • Dynamic variable valve timing(DVVT)system has been employed.
  • Resin intake manifold
  • Formed urethane is injected to the A-pillar,centre pillar and B-pillar for noised insulation.( a first for PERODUA)
  • Immobilizer system.
  • Pedestrian injury reduction body construction.
  • A new 4-hole injector is applied.
  • Underbody air flow regulating item.
  • Resin made cylinder headcover integrated with air cleaner case.(EJ-VE)
  • Flexible flywheel for reduced vibration during running.(Manual Transmission)


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