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Perodua Kenari Facelift



  • EJ-DE petrol, transverse, water-cooled, in-line 3-cylinder, 4-cycles DOHC
  • Electronic fuel injection (EFi)
  • Spacious interior
  • Powerful for a 1.0cc engine
  • Good fuel consumption


Every once in a while a car comes along that rewrites all the rules of the game ... by rising above the limitations of cars in its class

Now, get ready for a change again. The Kenari from Perodua is finally here. Throw out everything you have come to expect, or not expect, from a car this size. 

The Kenari offers an amazing feeling of spaciousness - and powerful performance to boot - while staying true to the soul of a mini wagon.

Since the first launch of the Perodua Kenari, its refreshing, unconventional design and also the efficient DOHC engine have charmed the hearts of many of it's owner. 

Now, as we move on with the times, we introduce you to a more challenging level that will reset the standards of perfection - the next generation Perodua Kenari.


Meanwhile, you can expect no less than uncompromising practicality and comfort in the interior. It comes with luxurious finishing such as leather seats (EZS model), radio/CD player, audio phone and practical arrangement of instruments. 

The reclining seats provide greater comfort during long journeys with plenty of luggage space. That's why we say that the Kenari is styled with passion

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