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Perodua Kembara DVVT



  • K3-VE, petrol, water-cooled, in-line 4-cylinder, 4-cycle, 16-valve, DOHC with DVVT system, S-DLI
  • Electronic fuel injection (EFi)
  • Full-Time 4WD and Limited Slip Differential
  • Powerful for a 1.3cc engine


Kembara DVVT - Where Fun Meets Function

Get ready to have some fun and action. The exciting Perodua Kembara was engineered from the ground up as a compact sports utility vehicle that's fun, stylish, and versatile.

There's lots to love about the new Kembara. Full of fun yet fully functional, the Kembara combines a compact size and distinctive design with a roomy, comfortable cabin that makes every ride a pleasure.

The new Kembara is easy to enter and exit and handles plenty of cargo with ease. You'll enjoy the Kembara' fun-loving spirit and versatility.

Versatile Seating Arrangements

In the Kembara interior you'll find both a sporty feeling and genuine utility. The multi-purpose seat configurations, for example, make the Kembara exceptionally practical. The front seats adjust  easily to match body size and posture, while offering a relaxed, comfortable fit

The rear seat back and cushion are divided into two portions (5:5); the seat backs can be reclined or folded forward individually or together. This gives the Kembara the flexibility to meet a wide range of passenger and cargo


The new Kembara, from Perodua. A city sports utility built for fun and function.
Get yourself in a Kembara, and feel the freedom.

A Smooth, Spirited Engine That Promises More Driving Fun

The Kembara features a new 1298-cc, 4-cylinder DVVT engine packed with Perodua's leading small-car technology. With DVVT (Dynamic Variable Valve Timing), a computer optimises the valve timing according to such conditions as engine rpms and how far you depress the accelerator pedal. The result is a robust driving performance, with maximum power of 63 kW at 6000 rpm and maximum torque of 120 Nm at 3200 rpm.


Full-Time 4WD and Limited Slip Differential: Stability in All Driving Conditions

The Kembara full-time 4WD version features a centre differential and mechanical lock. Power is distributed to all four wheels for added safety and stability, and in the worst conditions you can activate the centre differential lock for extra traction. The 4WD version also offers a limited slip differential as an option. When one wheel is spinning (such as on an icy road), power is transferred to the other wheel to keep you on the move.

A Smooth Ride On All Surfaces

An innovative suspension system delivers a smooth ride on both city streets and rough country roads. The front uses MacPherson struts with lower A-arms, coil springs and a stabiliser, while the rear has a five-link rigid axle with coil springs.

Note: There is currently no word on when this model will be available in the UK